Luis Benítez


Luis Benítez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1956). Member of the Latin-American Academy of Poetry (USA), the International Society of Writers (USA), World Poets (Greece), the Advisory Board de Poetry Press (India) and the Argentinean Society of Writers. He has received the tittle of Compagnon de la Poésie, from La Porte des Poétes Association, France. His 10 books of poetry, 2 essays and 2 novels have been published in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela. Between other local and international awards, he has received:  La Porte des Poétes International Award (Paris, 1991); Biennial Award of the Argentinean Poetry (Buenos Aires, 1991); Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Foundation Award of Poetry (Buenos Aires, 1996);  International Award of Fiction (Uruguay, 1996); Primo Premio Tusculorum di Poesia (Italy, 1996) and 10me. Concours International de Poésie, accesit  (Paris, 2003).

Since the ´90s several magazines have published his poems in translations: Agenda Poetry, Current Accounts, Dream Catcher, Erbacce, Littoral, Markings, Poetic Licence, Poetry Monthly, The Eildon Tree, The Journal, The Misread Issue, The Text, Urthona, Wasafiri (United Kingdom); A Different Drummer, Albatross, And Then, Barnwood, Beatlick News, Flint Hills Review, Green Mountains,  Illuminations, La Nuez, Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Mobius, Nexus, Pacific Coast Journal, Poesy, Porcupine, Runes, Sinalefa, Tamarind, Weber Studies (USA); Challenger, Existere (Canada); Upstairs at Duroc, La Porte des Poétes (France); Isola Nigra, L´Ortiga (Italy); Poetry Salzburg Review (Austria), Kafla, Krytia (India) and others.

Poetry books by the author:

Poems from the Earth and the Memory (Buenos Aires, 1980)

Mythologies/The Ballad of the Lost Woman (Buenos Aires, 1983)

Behering and Other Poems (1st edition, Buenos Aires, 1985; 2nd edition Mexico DF, 1995)

Wars, Epitaphs and Conversations (Buenos Aires, 1989)

Fractal (Buenos Aires, 1991)

The Past and the Eves (Venezuela, 1995)

Selected Poems (bilingual edition, versions by Veronica Miranda, USA, 1996)

The Mare of the Night (Chile, 2001)

The Venenero and other poems (Buenos Aires, 2005)

The elephant´s afternoon and other poems (Venezuela, 2006)

                                                                                        some earlier poems