Ashok Rajamani


He Was the Drunken Geisha Who Found the Golden Diamond


When Kumar the Drunken Geisha,
clumsily holding his ornate bottle of bourbon,

lifted his head back up and momentarily caught sight

of Akash’s near-perfect ebony eyes,

he became flustered and quickly looked down again, transforming his outfit

of a liquor-stained white tee


a lipstick-stained Kyoto kimono.

Akash got up to use the loo, and as he walked down


the marble hall, Kumar continued studying him.

That was when he noticed

the gorgeous artwork on this artwork himself:

one tattoo of a huge yellow diamond on Akash’s left arm,


through his tee-shirt.

Kumar didn’t know if, at that moment,

it was the drink in him that made his mouth drool

or if it was the drink in him

that made his throat burn dry