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Benvenuto e Prego

NEW POST:  10/12  Devon Miller-Duggan, Setting

This site (necessitated by Apple's termination of its iWeb hosting) is under construction.  Everything on the old site is still available (but I cannot manage those files).

How this mag works: My idea has been to publish a new poem whenever I find one that I particularly want to share with readers, and to feature each new poem 3-5 days at the top of the “most recent post” list—the total number published within the 9-month reading period then being limited by how that fits into the 270 days, plus how many poems Barnwood can afford (@ $25).
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Guidelines:  9/1 to 5/31:  embed 1-3 poems in message, with brief bio note.  (Submits btwn 5/31 & 9/1 are never read.)Send to >   <.  (Submits btwn 5/31 & 9/1 are never read.)
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